Lamb Waffle Blanket


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This jacquard woven blanket wraps a body kindly and warmly. For such a purpose we use soft and fine cotton yarn as the warp, and lamb wool yarn called Coomalamb, which has luxuriously softness and high cushiony insulation, as the weft. The jacquard weaving can put various patterns together in a textile. The large part of the blanket is a waffle weave that has hightly cushiony feeling, and the small part of stripe pattern is a repp weave that is subtly raised. You can select a blanket that's just right for your bed, and it keeps you warm in the bed even at cold winter time. As cotton is used other than wool, static electricity is hard to be generated.  


Please allow for up to 30 DAYS to make the blanket for you.

| Material |


| Size |

ーFull : 67”(170cm) x 81.9"(208cm)  

ーQueen : 95.7”(243cm) x 102.4”(260cm)   

ーKing : 113”(287cm)  x 102.4”(260cm)  

| How to care |

・Dry Cleaning Recommended to maintain quality

・Hand Wash in lukewarm water(30~35℃)

 ーUse a Specialist Woolen Liquid

ーDo Not Use Fabric Softener

ーDo Not Bleach

ーDo Not Tumble Dry

ーWash separately

ーLine Dry in Shade

| Made in Japan |

We can ship to world wide from Japan. However, in some cases there are some countries and regions that we cannot ship to.



  • コットン50%+ウール50%
  • ドライクリーニングをお勧めします
  • 手洗いの場合





  • サイズ

     ーシングル・セミダブル 幅170cm x 丈208cm

     ーダブル・クイーン        幅243cm x 丈260cm

     ーキング             幅287cm x 丈260cm

  • 日本製