L'espoir Bag_Small size


Unit price per
bag size
bag color(outside表)x(inside裏)
White x White
Natural x Blue Stripe
thread color(刺繍糸の色)
Light green
Salmon pink
Cherry pink
Turquoise blue
Dark brown



This bag is made of unique fabric called selvedge linen that is woven using old-fashioned linen-weaving techniques. As it is reversible, you can enjoy both inside and outside anytime if you want. The handle is also made of linen. So it is easy to  wash. L’espoir means hope in French. Though everyone wants to continue having hope, our daily life makes us forget it. An embroidered initial letter of the word to express your hope always let you remember it. Please order one letter for the embroidery. There are two sizes. The large size is a little bigger than A4 size. The small size has shorter height and larger depth.

The embroidery will be cross stitch. 

The initials are embroidered with one letter of the desired alphabet using cross stitch.
Please choose one color of embroidery thread from 11 colors.

The fabric of the  "L’espoir Bag" is delicately woven with fine linen yarns and sewn into two layers to make it reversible. The initials and the logo (L'espoir) ... you can choose which side you want to show ! Please use it according to your mood of the day. 

ーTwo color fabric combination as a reversible bag :

    A) white x white      B) beige x stripe

ーAbout sizes : Each bag has two sizes

※Small size : W11.9"(30cm) x H7.5"(19cm) x  D6"(15cm) x handle19.7"(50cm) A convenient size for shopping or to carry a lunch box, a cell phone, wallet, and a reusable shopping bag.
※Large Size : 
W11.9"(30cm) x H14.2"(36cm) x D2.4"(6cm) x handle19.7"(50cm) It fits A4 size magazines and documents and also is recommended as a sub-bag or a lesson bag.

ー About pockets : Each bag has three pockets

Common to both S and L sizes. Easy to take out pens or cell phones. 


Please allow for up to 30 DAYS to make the bag for you.

Note: If you would like to embroider your initials, please choose one letter and the embroidery color.

|Material |   100%Linen

|Size |       ーLarge : W11.9"(30cm) x H14.2"(36cm) x D2.4"(6cm) x handle19.7"(50cm)

                     ーSmall : W11.9"(30cm) x H7.5"(19cm) x  D6"(15cm) x handle19.7"(50cm)

|Embroidery|   If you would like initial embroidery, please use the communication section of                               the cartand enter one letter of the alphabet. 

ーFonts,  sizes, colors and the embroidery spot  are unable to be changed.

ーEmbroidery size

Large bag :   W1.2"(3cm) x H1.2"(3cm)     Small bag : W1"(2.5cm) x H1"(2.5cm)

|How to care |

・Cold Machine Wash・Mild Detergent・Do Not Use Fabric Softener・Do Not Bleach・Do Not Tumble Dry ・Wash Separately・Line Dry in Shade

|Made in Japan |

We can ship to world wide from Japan. However, in some cases there are some countries and regions that we cannot ship to.














《カラー 2 種 》  ホワイトxホワイト / ベージュxストライプ

《サイズ  2種 》    Sサイズ  (幅30㎝/高19㎝/マチ15㎝/ハンドル50㎝)       

           Lサイズ  (幅30㎝/高36㎝/マチ6㎝/ハンドル50㎝)     《ポケット 3 個 》 ( 幅14㎝x高15㎝) (幅11㎝x高15㎝)(幅2.5㎝x高13㎝)                                        S/Lサイズ共通                                                       

  • リネン100%
  • 家庭洗濯可(ただし、洗濯表示に従ってください)
  • 日本製