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This linen shirt is for relaxation and contemplation. So it can be worn as a casual shirt or as a pajama. Linen becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash. Such pleasant feeling makes you comfort and then you can sleep deeply. The yarn is made from flax cultivated in Europe where the linen culture is lasting from ancient times, and the fabric is woven by the old shuttle loom which offers good thread tension and then realizes soft weaving finish. 

HOW TO ENJOY LINEN CLOTHES - Enjoying the changes over time is the best part of natural materials

The real pleasure of leather and wood products is to enjoy the changes they undergo during the process of use, but in most cases, cloth products are artificially processed beforehand to enhance their texture. Linen is no exception to this rule. Linen is originally woven from yarns made from bundles of delicate fibers in the stems of plants. The fibers are very delicate and soft. These fibers are then bundled and twisted to make the weaving yarn. At this stage, the original delicacy and softness is already gone. The warp and weft are then incorporated to make a structurally solid fabric. In this way, the unique flexibility of linen fiber is overshadowed. However, as is the case with other natural materials, linen will become closer to the texture of the fiber bundle after a long time of use. It becomes softer as if by magic, instead of being stiff and stiff when it was new. This dramatic change is one of the most exciting aspects of linen. We call this change "growing". Most of Tenjin Factory's linen products are made of raw fabrics that you can feel the natural aging process. A raw fabric means a cloth that has not been artificially processed and is in the state of right after finished weaving. First of all we  weave pure linen fabric using yarns made from European raw materials (i.e., flax fiber bundles grown in Europe). After this, the fabric is usually washed in warm water, or sometimes treated with chemicals, or put in a dryer to shrink the fibers and make them softer. This makes it easier to make clothes and allows consumers to buy clothes with a good texture from the start. However, if you do this, not only will you not be able to enjoy the unique aging effect of linen, but you will also keep not knowing the meaning of using natural materials. That is to say, natural things change. The fabric used for this shirt is also made from raw fabrics. As a result, it has a rough feeling in its initial state, but as you continue to wear it for a long time, the original softness of the fiber bundles will peek out someday. The more you use it and the more you wash it, the fluffier this fiber bundle will become. This is the moment when this linen shirt grows up.

Linen becomes supple through handling. Linen has the ability to rapidly absorb and lose liquid. And also linen has thermal function to be effective. Please enjoy handling your linen cloth better. It’ll gain elegance and softens to behold the most fluid drape.

 For the best fitting of this shirt please let us know the following measurements:

- your height or your neck to waist measure
- your bust circumference
- your waist circumference
- your arm length measured from your neck till your wrist
- your wrist size


ーClassic Collar. 

ーRound Pocket & White button

ーAngular Pocket & Gray Button

|Material |


|Size |

inch : Shoulder Width18.5" Chest Width20" Sleeve Length23.2" Body Length28.8" 

cm   : Shoulder Width47     Chest Width51   Sleeve Length59     Body Length73 

|How to care |

・Cold Machine Wash・Mild Detergent・Do Not Use Fabric Softener・Do Not Bleach・Do Not Tumble Dry・Wash Separately・Line Dry in Shade

|Made in Japan |

We can ship to world wide from Japan. However, in some cases there are some countries and regions that we cannot ship to.




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   ● 男女兼用

  • フリーサイズ 肩幅47 身幅51 袖丈59 着丈73 ※cm
  • リネン100%
  • 家庭洗濯可(ただし、洗濯表示に従ってください)
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