Yarn-dyed Linen Daily Bag


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This daily bag is made of the textile woven with pre-dyed threads for a scarf. Its textile is carefully woven by skilled Japanese artisans using a traditional shuttle loom and is made from the flax cultivated in Europe which is known as the best quality in the world. The large opening allows for smooth loading and unloading. It can also be carried on the shoulder or in the hand. You can freely change the position of the handles according to the contents of the bag. The bag has a generous capacity, so it is convenient even when you have a lot of luggage. Since it is 100% linen, it can be easily washed. It can be washed as soon as it gets dirty, is water-resistant, and dries quickly. It is easy to care for.

The characteristic of yarn dyeing is that the yarn is dyed beautifully and evenly since it is dyed firmly under the state of yarn. Therefore, when the cloth is made, its color will not be uneven and will be deep. At the same time, since the yarn is dyed to even its core, the cloth becomes resistant to color fading.

|Material |


|Size |

W21.3"(54cm) x H12.6"(32cm) x D4"(10cm) x Handle15.8"(40cm)

|How to care |

・Cold Machine Wash・Mild Detergent・Do Not Use Fabric Softener・Do Not Bleach・Do Not Tumble Dry ・Wash Separately・Line Dry in Shade

|Made in Japan |

We can ship to world wide from Japan. However, in some cases there are some countries and regions that we cannot ship to.



  • リネン100%
  • 幅58㎝/高27㎝~62cm/マチ10㎝
  • 家庭洗濯可(添付洗濯表示参照)
  • 日本製