THE ROUTINE LINEN ( 2 )<p>日常のリネン ( 2 )</p>


日常のリネン ( 2 )

 “Life is but a tissue of habits.”

— Henri-Frédéric Amiel

If we believe that, we can change our life by changing our habits. And I think that good habits are about having a good routine in our daily life. In this blog, I would like to introduce our products as things to accompany such a good daily routine. 




This time, I would like to introduce a linen tablecloth. Your favorite table can be used comfortably as it is, but sometimes a tablecloth can change the atmosphere of the place as if a person dressed in formal clothes. It would be wonderful if we could change the tablecloth as we change our clothes.   






This tablecloth features a pattern woven like a picture frame. The four sides are surrounded by stripes like the frame of a painting.   



Let's take a look at the details. When we weave the cloth, we join all the pieces together, so they are connected as shown in the picture. The thin line in the middle is used to cut each piece into pieces.   




Cut with scissors here.




Next, let's look at how this is woven in succession. The white cylindrical object with a hole in the upper left corner is called a dobby paper, which is mainly used to instruct the warp to be raised and lowered, but it can also be used to instruct the weft to be woven in.




When the wooden boards are pulled up, the warp threads, which are interlocked with them, are also pulled up. 




 It is interlocked with the warp like this.




By the way, the dobby paper looks like this when you look at it up close.  




One row of squares surrounded by the red and black lines is equivalent to two weft threads. These holes are drilled by hand, row by row, although a special machine is used. For regular cloth, use a tube about this size.




This is the size that we will use for this picture frame type. You can see that it takes a lot of time and effort.  





This can be used to make a picture frame pattern cloth. 




Finally, a piece of linen in the daily routine.
That's all for now. Thank you for reading until the end. We hope that Tenjin Factory's "Linen Tablecloth" will be useful to you. We will continue to communicate the appeal of linen products that are close to your daily lives.
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